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We exist to serve people affected by Cancer with love, care, empathy and devotion, with greatest respect for their dignity and pride.

Helping people affected by Cancer

The guiding lifeline for our organization is to support people affected by Cancer. For a person affected with Cancer, the entire world turns upside down. Most of the time the patient gets a shock and is unable to come in terms of the disease. Instead of going for treating the disease, they move in denial mode by refusing to meet the doctors, relatives or even accepting medical support.

Our interventions with such cases are personalized depending upon the need of the patient and their family. The first step is to start with the mental strengthening exercise  and believing that Cancer doesn’t mean hopelessness or death. Cancer is a nasty disease, and just like any other disease it needs to be treated. The key is your mental strength, right diagnosis and correct treatment. While treating Cancer patients, time is of outmost importance. In many a cases it has been observed that delay in starting the treatment leads to spread of disease and it taking a more aggressive form. There are thousand of cases where people who were once affected by Cancer have fully recovered and are leading an absolutely normal life.

We offer limited financial assistance for costs related to treatment of Cancer such as food, diagnosis, medicines and treatment.

Home based Care

Home based care is for those patients who are very sick or are unable to visit the hospital due to huge distances, their own physical condition or lack of resources. We do this as we feel it is necessary to visit and care for bedridden cancer patients who would otherwise not get any medical attention due to their physical conditions.

Home Care is also the most practical option for such patients – saving them precious time, energy and resources. At home, concerns of the family can be addressed in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a huge need and demand for home based care.

When their condition is progressively deteriorating, and they have a very low chance of being cured, people with cancer in advanced stages often choose to receive palliative care in the comfort and privacy of their homes, surrounded by loved ones. Our team of home based caregivers are technically as well as mentally strong who lend great support and give proper treatment Unfortunately due to lack of resources we are unable to help all such requests.

Creating awareness

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. It accounts for 7.4 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths) in 2004. Cancer often creates fear which comes out of ignorance and misconception. More than 30% of cancer cases could be prevented by modifying lifestyle or avoiding key risk factors. About 1/3rd of cancer cases could be reduced if cases are treated and detected at an early stage.To create awareness of the disease.

  • To help common people recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer and thereby enabling them to seek treatment at the earliest an early stage. The program encourages the participants to seek prompt medical attention for symptoms which may include lumps, sores, bleeding, hoarseness, weight loss and persistent indigestion/cough/pain, etc.
  • To generate awareness about the key risk factors associated with cancer. More 30% of cancer cases could be prevented by modifying lifestyle or avoiding the key risk factors, which means that these disease could be avoided
  • To encourage cancer check-ups at an early stage and to motivate them to avail of cancer check-up services at a very nominal cost through the Cancer Detection Centre and Mobile Cancer Detection Centres of various institutions.

Encouraging Research Studies

Furthermore, we are working on the following:

  1. Habits/ food causing cancer
  2. Cancer survivor’s forum
  3. Supporter’s group for Cancer Patients
  4. Publication of latest research and progress on treating Cancer.

“The Cancer charity” is an independent public charitable trust, which gives high quality care and support to people affected by cancer. We offer specialized cancer care to patients who are economically challenged. We focus on reducing the pain and suffering of the cancer patients as well as their family members.


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