Get Involved

We could help the people affected by Cancer, because you are helping us. We can never imagine a world free of cancer without your help. By getting involved, you help cancer patient receive medicines, food, undergo tests. Your donations provide home based care for terminally ill cancer patients and sent their children to school. Help us continue to provide free services to anyone affected by cancer. Your support makes a world of difference.

Make a Difference for a Day.

Rs. 3000/- covers the need for nutritious Food & Beverage for 60 cancer patients for a whole day.


Good diagnosis is the key.

For Rs. 5000, you support the diagnosis procedures (MRI CECT) for a person suffering from cancer.


Treatment is expensive.

For Rs. 10,000, you support chemotherapy and other pain relieving treatment for a patient.

Volunteer with us


The greatest gift which we can give to someone is the gift of time.

If you have some spare time, do consider joining our volunteer team. We will try and find work which is commensurate with your knowledge and skills.

Everybody can contribute – no special skills are required.

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Refer a Supporter


You have been impressed with our work. Thank you!

Why not tell your friends and colleagues and relatives. A great number of people are affected by Cancer, and you can get one of your friends to support us. Can’t you? This is all that we are asking for. Is that too much to ask…

To refer a supporter who is as kind and noble and gentle as you are…Call us on 0120-6513711 or email us at or whatsapp us on 9910203711

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Plug Us into one of Your Events


You can organize any event, big and small for supporting the people affected by Cancer.

We would be happy to provide support to you in raising awareness about Cancer. No event for the cause of Cancer is too big or small. It could be calling your friends over for a lazy lunch on Sunday or a small kitty party. You could encourage your young ones to sell lemonades and muffins at the annual Christmas fair.

Run a marathon.. Organize a cooking class.. Display your paintings for sale… Every support matters.. every single effort is invaluable. Call us to discuss your event ideas and together we will make it more fun and memorable.

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Join Us as a Corporate Partner


Partner with the Cancer Charity to support people affected by Cancer.

There are many ways in which you and your organization can lend a helping hand.
Some of the most involved ways of making a big change.

  • Celebrate last Friday of the month as “ Giving Friday”. Our special T shirts and badges would make your organization a winner among the vendors, customers and suppliers, and establish you as a responsible corporate.
  • Motivate your staff to Donate a small sum of money for the food and medicine of the people affected by Cancer.
  • The sum of your total staff donation could be matched by your organization, doubling the impact of your staff’s generosity.

We have various structured options for involving your staff in supporting the people affected by cancer. You can become our Cancer champion at workplace by inviting our people to talk to your staff and create awareness/ support for Cancer.

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Remember Your Loved Ones


Nothing gives us more joy than to remember your loved ones and the wonderful time you had together.

What could be a better way than celebrating the life or achievement of your loved ones by helping distributing meals to people affected by Cancer. For Rs. 3,000/- you can Give a day’s nutritious meal to 60 Cancer patients. Isn’t that a beautiful way to show your love to someone who has brought you joy and happiness.

If giving food to cancer patients brings you loads of satisfaction and you wish to continue giving meals on a particular day/ date every year, we have a wonderful way to do it. You can make an one time donation of Rs 45,000 for free meals scheme, and we would continue to distribute free meals to Cancer patients every year, on the date selected by you. Furthermore, enjoy the joy of giving as you can live the moments of your love and generosity through the photographs which we would share with you. Its as good as giving the food yourself.

Call Nandita @ +91-120-6513711

Honour your life’s inspiration


There is always someone special in our life, who held you by your arms, looked in your eyes and guided you to move to the next step.

These people are like angels in our life. These could be anyone special your parents relatives, teachers, colleague, your school mate, friends relative or just a stranger who walked in to you, when the world had walked out. And surely our life would have been so much less meaningful with these wonderful souls helping us and guiding us at the right moment.

How about lighting a special candle in their name and saying a small prayer for them by supporting Home based care. For just Rs. 900/- you can sponsor a team of doctor, nurse and a counsellor to visit a cancer patient at home, to provide home based care and counselling. Your donation would provide relief to the cancer patient and help the family overcome their stress.

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Monthly giving plan


Your small monthly contribution would help such cancer patients continue with their treatment.

Cancer patients require nutritious food and continued medication. As you are aware, huge amount of money is required for Cancer treatment, and many patients stop their treatment mid way because they cannot afford the cost of treatment. They simply stop coming to the hospital because they don’t want to burden the life of their family members, with the treatment expense.

Nothing can give you greater satisfaction for Rs. 600/- than supporting people suffering from Cancer. For just Rs. 600/- a month, you can provide the basic medical care (like wound care and pain management) for two people affected with Cancer.

Its really very simple to become a monthly donor, and would take less than three minutes of your time.

call Eram on +91-120-6513711

Planned Giving


Planned giving is a simple manner through which you can strengthen our hands in reaching out to more people affected by Cancer.

Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or benefit us after your lifetime, you can find a satisfying plan. The planned giving lets you make your donation as per your ease, and support the people who need support in fighting cancer. Why not speak to Kunal to know about what you can would like to do for cancer patients. For the people affected with Cancer, every donation is a big helping hand and no donation is too small.

Call Kunal +91-9910203711

Remember us in your will


You have lived a very fulfilled and complete life and obviously you have much to be thankful for. You wish the legacy of your success to remain alive even long after you are gone.

You wish to give to those who are not as blessed and privileged as you are. You wish to do something extraordinary for people who are sick, poor, ageing and need support. Please write to Kunal to design and develop your will, showing your gratitude for all the blessings. Writing your will in favour of “ The Cancer Charity” will help umpteen cancer patients and will earn you their blessings. It’s a completely hassle-free process which will be solemnised legally. The money or the assets donated by you will be utilized in line with your desire. Please call us today to let us explain the process of writing a will in favour of “ The Cancer Charity”. You will be so glad to have made a decision in favour of poor and sick cancer patients.

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