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Remember us in your will


You have lived a very fulfilled and complete life and obviously you have much to be thankful for. You wish the legacy of your success to remain alive even long after you are gone.

You wish to give to those who are not as blessed and privileged as you are. You wish to do something extraordinary for people who are sick, poor, ageing and need support.

Please speak to Kunal, to design and develop your will, showing your gratitude for all the blessings. Writing your will in favour of “ the Cancer charity” will help umpteen cancer patients and will earn you their blessings. It’s a completely hassle-free process which will be solemnised legally. The money or the assets donated by you will be utilized in line with your desire. Please call us today to let us explain the process of writing a will in favour of “ The Cancer charity”. You will be so glad to have made a decision in favour of poor and sick cancer patients.

“The Cancer charity” is an independent public charitable trust, which gives high quality care and support to people affected by cancer. We offer specialized cancer care to patients who are economically challenged. We focus on reducing the pain and suffering of the cancer patients as well as their family members.


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