Our Mission
A World Free From Cancer

Care and support for people affected by cancer. We envisage a society where no person suffering from cancer is denied the treatment for want of money. A world which has empathy for cancer patients and fills them with positive attitude towards life.

Cancer Statistics India

Based on the data between 2010 and 2012, it is suggested that at some point during
their lifetime approximately 39.6 per cent of women and men will be diagnosed with cancer.

People Living with Cancer
New Patients Each Year
Population with Cancer Risk
Cancer Deaths Per Year
We are a Non-Profit

Welcome to The Cancer Charity

The Cancer Charity is an independent public charitable trust, which works to reduce the suffering of people affected by cancer. It focuses on reducing the pain and suffering of the cancer patients, and their families. We are primarily engaged in the following roles.

Caring for people affected by cancer by offering dignified support. A society which has empathy for cancer patients and fills them with positive attitude towards life.


Makes A World of a Difference! Your donation provides home based care for terminally ill cancer patients and sends their children to school. We could help the people affected by cancer, because you are helping us. By getting involved, you help cancer patients receive medicines, food and undergo tests.

Make a Difference for a Day.

Rs. 3000/- covers the need for nutritious Food & Beverage for 60 cancer patients for a whole day.


Good diagnosis is the key.

For Rs. 5000, you support the diagnosis procedures (MRI CECT) for a person suffering from cancer.


Treatment is expensive.

For Rs. 10,000, you support chemotherapy and other pain relieving treatment for a patient.

More Ways You Can Support Us