Remember Your Loved Ones


Nothing gives us more joy than to remember your loved ones and the wonderful time you had together.

What could be a better way than celebrating the life or achievement of your loved ones by helping distributing meals to people affected by Cancer. For Rs. 3,000/- you can Give a day’s nutritious meal to 60 Cancer patients. Isn’t that a beautiful way to show your love to someone who has brought you joy and happiness.

If giving food to cancer patients brings you loads of satisfaction and you wish to continue giving meals on a particular day/ date every year, we have a wonderful way to do it. You can make an one time donation of Rs 45,000 for free meals scheme, and we would continue to distribute free meals to Cancer patients every year, on the date selected by you. Furthermore, enjoy the joy of giving as you can live the moments of your love and generosity through the photographs which we would share with you. Its as good as giving the food yourself.

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